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Train HARD 4: Rock That Chest


Hot Asian muscleman Damian Dragon and tight twink Des Irez are still training in the nicely-equipped workout area of Las Vegas’ Hawk’s Gym, with Damian flexing and pumping his tatted pecs on the incline bench. Lean muscled Des has to choose a lighter weight but gets a good pump on his chiseled chest. Next set his boner starts to grow as Damian counts down reps. Sexual tension growing they move to the pec deck, and now Des is the one with a swelling crotch. Damian reaches over to rub a hand over Des’ pumped pecs and moves in for a kiss. He drops his pants and feeds his uncut woody to cock-starved Des.

Stiff and raring to fuck Des’ smooth round ass, Damian kneels down and slurps the young stud’s hardon. Des turns and tempts his hot trainer with that amazing booty, as Damian licks his hole hungrily. He slides in smooth, deep and bareback, Des backing into every hard thrust. Damian holds Des’ perky little nips like reins as he rides his ass. Sitting upright on the chest press, Des opens his crack wide open for Damian’s hard-pumping cock. When he pulls out, Des starts beating his prick while Damian drenches his pumped-up chest with a hot cum shower.

Date: September 7, 2021

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