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Pride Studios – Secret Letter


Andrew is on his way to class but first needs to grab some books from his locker. He opens his locker and finds a note telling him to meet in a certain class room at 3. He heads over to the class very curious as who it could be. Once he arrives he sees that it was Austin that left the note. He walks in and moves straight in for the kiss and they begin to make out passionately. They both have wanted this for a long time and finally they can make it a reality. Andrew gets his big veiny cock sucked on first and then Austin gets his wet. Once they both have had enough cock in their mouths Andrew lets Austin ride his big dick. Austin has to go slow very slow because he hasn’t had anything that big in his ass in quite some time but once it’s in Andrew goes deep and give it to him just right. They both cum buckets all over each other and then the bell rings and they rush out super-fast before students come in.


Date: November 17, 2014

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