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Pride Studios – Sinful Sleepover


These two sexy boys are having a horror movie night and they are both completely focused on the plot of this movie. After an hour of watching a scary movie Jaime is hesitant to walk across campus to get back home. He wants to stay with Ethan but he only has a twin bed yet Jaime takes that as an invite and so he strips down to his undies and takes over his bed. Ethan confused but tired strips down and passes out with him. Jaime wakes up to the feeling of a boner poking his ass and Ethan jumps out of bed apologizing but Jaime reaches out and begins to suck it letting him know not to worry. They both strip down and give each other great seductive head until Ethan can’t take it anymore and wants to pump that ass deep and hard. Jaime rides Ethan’s cock like a pro slowly working that shaft as he slides up and down it. Jaime loves cum all over himself so he lays down on his back and lets Ethan cover him in his hot jizz.


Date: October 20, 2014

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