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Pride Studios – The Good Kid


Andres has been left at the party all by himself. His friend didn’t even bother to say goodbye and left with his girlfriend. He’s trying to stay positive and finish his beer when Dillon comes up and introduces himself. The two start to hit it off and Dillon invites him into the garage to check out a really cool motorcycle. Andres is very intrigued and loves the craftsmanship of the bike. Dillon on the other hand is checking Andres out and once Andres bends over the bike Dillon grabs his ass which shocks Andres. He turns around confused but Dillon tells him not to worry and he knows that he wants to explore with some male on male contact. Andres lets go and Dillon takes full control of the situation. They passionately makeout as Dillon strips down Andres clothes pulling his sexy cock to service it deep down his throat. Dillon has a big cock and somehow eases it into Andres who almost sends him over the edge but he takes that cock like a champ. He gets fucked over the bike and then he rides Dillon’s fat cock in the chair until they both cum all over the place being careful not to get any on the bike.


Date: March 9, 2015

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