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Fresh out of the closet, Nick Milani hasn’t seen his stepuncle Hans Berlin in many years. Now an adult, Nick doesn’t really know what to expect from his mother’s brother, but he does know that Hans has a very unique job as a producer of sex toys. When he shows up to Hans’ hotel room, he discovers that his uncle’s job and his private life often coincide, and before too long, Hans is giving Nick a thorough, first hand demo of his product line. Nick has to admit the quality of his sex toys are top notch, but nothing compares to the feeling of the real thing. Hans agrees and tosses the dildo aside, shoving his cock deep into his nephew and pounding him until Nick cums all over the bedsheets. As Hans covers Nick with his load, the two of them fall back onto the bed and agree this is one secret that should just stay between the two of them.Enjoy!

Date: May 20, 2021

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