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Pride Studios – You Wanna Try It


Cody and Tyler are hard at work studying for finals but Cody stumbles upon a gay porn dvd hidden between some books. He confronts Tyler about it whom he did not know was gay. Tyler admits that it’s his and Cody begins to ask questions about how he knew he was gay and what it feels like to be with another man. Tyler gives him the option of experimenting with him for his first time so he can be as comfortable as possible. Cody hesitant at first but agrees to it. From the look on his face you can tell Cody loves how Tyler is sucking on his cock. It’s never felt so good and as he becomes more comfortable he lets Tyler fuck him but he must start out real slow and ease his way in. Tyler obliges and treats his ass very delicately but once hes in and loosens it up just a tad he pounds Cody’s ass seeing just how far he can take him. Cody is loving it and can’t believe he waited this long to play with a man. He loves it so much he explodes with delight as Tyler pumps his virgin ass letting loose all the built up cum residing in his balls.


Date: March 23, 2015
Actors: Cody Ray / Tyler Rush

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