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Maximum Torque, Scene #01


Mechanic Chris Damned is strolling into work 30 minutes late and shop manager Vince Parker is not happy about it. When they finally get to work, Jake Nicola pulls in with some issues he’s having with his hot rod. After taking a look under the hood, Chris decides the way to fix this is by unzipping his pants to give Jake’s mouth total access to his cock. Chris sits back on the hood of Jake’s ride and lets the customer work over his throbbing cock. While Jake is halfway down on Chris’ rod, Vince catches the studs and join in the fun. All three take turns filling their mouths with cock and hairy asshole until Jake bends over and takes it raw in the rear from Chris while he sucks on Vince’s pole. Vince and Jake both take bareback turns on Jake’s hole before they switch it up and Vince is the one getting stuffed with dick. On a stack of tires in the shop, Vince jerks his cock while Jake pumps his hole. Covered in his own load, Jake and Chris both jerk off until they cover the rest of Vince’s body in their cum.

Date: December 18, 2020

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