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RagingStallion – Gay Dreams, Scene #01


Gay Dreams is a Star Vehicle for Raging Stallion discoveryand exclusive Shane Rollins. A filthy boy toy like you have never, everseen before, Shane is a 24 year old smooth built blond who sets themovie on fire. Sure, he has a giant, 9-inch, thick, veiny cock, but whatreally sets him off is his perfect, insatiable, pink ass-hole. Puckered orclenched tight, Shane’s hole can’t wait to get filled–and the gym studsof Gay Dreams rise to the occasion in scene after pounding scene.Indeed, no Shane Hole goes unfilled! A total sex pig, Shane shows usthat he is not just a good fuck: paired with hairy hip-hop Fyre Fli for aswitch hitter spectacle that will make your eyes pop. Shane’s assshimmers like an alabaster sculpture as his body gyrates in themoonlight. Every fuck position is fully exploited and beautifully filmedfor you to enjoy

Date: May 26, 2005

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