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RagingStallion – It Gets Bigger, Scene #01


Mesmerized by a wall with cutout glory holes, well-hung and furryJason Michaels faces a pair of big boners popping in and out. Heattacks the two monster cocks with his mouth, nursing on one beforeswitching to the other. These super-sized cocks are attached toAlexander Garrett and Spencer Reed , who peer over the wall andwatch the energized Jason eagerly sucking their cocks. They comeout from behind the wall to get more aggressive with their big fanjamming their two power tools down Jason’s throat. Alexander movesto the back to shove his big uncut dick inside Jason’s tight crack,yielding this power position to Spencer only when they decide to tradeplaces at both ends of their prey. The happy trio continues to rock outon the table top with Jason down on his back getting plugged in hisasshole by Alexander while still feeding on Spencer’s dick. The twobig guys switch places again but it doesn’t faze Jason as he rollsalong with the program that finally climaxes with all of them blastingtheir loads.

Date: June 15, 2012

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