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RagingStallion – The Trap, Scene #03


We catch up with Junior coming down a brick hallway where he turnsanother corner only to be attacked by two vicious dog-boys, RJDanvers and Conner Habib. Their master Ricky Sinz holds theleashes as Junior runs away in fear. The dogs; complete with dogmasks, paws, leashes and butt plug tails kneel before Ricky who pullsthe plugs in and out of the pups. First playing with Conner’s tail andthen with RJ’s, pulling the medium and large plugs in and out of eachdogs ass. Next Conner fucks RJ doggy style. Conner’s tail wags upand down as he fucks RJ’s hole. Now it’s Ricky’s turn. Heenergetically pumps Conner’s ass before moving on to an all outpounding of RJ’s hole. All blow a sticky load.

Date: June 25, 2012

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