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RagingStallion – The Woods: Part 1, Scene #05


Trenton Ducati is the forest ranger in charge of the area being barraged with reports ofmissing persons and strange occurrences. His tireless efforts to get to the bottom of themystery leave him exhausted. Trenton passes out to be awoken by a naked mysterious stranger, Tomas Brand. Tomas stands at the foot of Trenton’s bed, and we’re left wondering, it’s not clear if he’s him playing bottom to mysterious Tomas Brand, a smooth, hot muscledaddy who makes Trenton levitate off the bed and come back down hard, horny andneeding to be sucked and fucked. Resistance is futile, not that Trenton could say no toTomas’s hot mouth and his determination to make Trenton’s balls tingle and his nipplesstand on end. On his back, Trenton tucks his knees into his armpits, giving Tomas full accessto his pulsing hole. Tomas presses his advantage with tongue, fingers and cock, milkingTrenton’s hard on while preparing his ass for an invasion. First Trenton submits, then hetakes charge in a sit-fuck that’s better than levitation. The spooge flies.

Date: January 11, 2013

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