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ActiveDuty – Colton Phobos


Colton isn’t shy around the camera and he gives it an exotic I want to fuck you look which at some points almost sent me over the edge. His skin is smooth, creamy and he has some decorative ink to mix things up.

Claude planted a dildo next to him to see if he would use it and sure enough Colton goes for it and lubes up his ass so he can gently insert it deep inside. He might have done it only for a short period of time but that was only because he was going to cum way to soon. He loves to show off his ass and Claude is no stranger with the extreme close ups to show the beauty of a nice hole.

Colton is a tall man as you watch him stretched out on the couch stroking his cock and rubbing his balls. You can see his firm strong thighs tense up as he pulls and tugs on his balls. His slight moans keep you edging as he stares so quietly into the camera making sure you are watching his every move.

Date: February 10, 2016
Actors: Colton Phobos

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