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A new challenge for SpunkU student models. Each student is given an hour with a videographer and encouraged to come up with an idea and scenario for their original video, and the final product edited to ten minutes.nnDerrick Dickem is first to take up the challenge, with the idea that packing up to move can be hot and stressful. And what better way to cool off and get rid of the stress than by packing up naked with a hard cock? He starts out climbing up a ladder, then getting down on all fours to wrap kitchen items, and each time is seen completely starkers to test his hot hypothesis. His lean muscled body looks delicious in every stretch and bend required. His buddy there to illustrate the importance of having someone to help support a ladder when you climb up supports Derrick with a helping hand around his nuts.nnDerrick comes down the ladder and takes a spot on the shiny coffee table to lie back and jerk his cock. His hole tenses and throbs in time with his hand deftly stroking his hard prick. With all the furniture and objects at hand and available, Derrick, grabs a full-length mirror and places it just under the edge of the table so his ass and junk are beautifully reflected back up to the camera. Stretching out his taut thighs with one foot on either side of the mirror, Derrick watches himself getting close. He aims a little action camera down for some POV footage and, tensing his whole body, sprays cum wildly over the mirror and carpet below. The splatters look good enough to lick up, but that's for another story! (Wonder if he'll get his deposit back with all that cum on the carpet?!)

Date: November 28, 2018

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