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Alex Miles is texting on his phone when honors student Rave Hardick drops by to ask how the first-term enrollee is doing in his Spunk U classes. Alex tells him he's had an important lesson in getting out of his head and going with the action and how it feels. Rave seizes that opportunity to get sexy Alex to stop thinking and start feeling and experiencing a good hard fuck. Though Alex usually tops, tonight he goes with his feelings, wherever that's going to lead.nnRave is horny, hung and dominant, peeling up Alex's t-shirt and grinding his crotch between the young student's legs. They mash their lips together in long deep kisses, then Alex's jeans come off. When Rave pulls down his shorts Alex already is sporting major wood, so he's definitely getting out of his head and into what the head down below is feeling. Rave's XXL hung dick would scare off most guys, but Alex is in for the ride. Rave positions his big mushroom head at the hairy pucker, and lets it ease in with the help of a big slather of lube. Alex is careful to breathe slow and deep as the monster invades his tight hole.nnOnce it's all the way in, both guys kiss and can enjoy their intense, intimate connection. Rave glides in deep and slow, and Alex opens to enjoy being packed full of grade-A meat. Rave slicks on more lube and guides his cock in from behind, his long black hair tickling Alex's back as he holds him close and tight. The connection is perfect and hard to hold back.nnRave pulls out and glazes Alex with creamy jizz, then pushes his cummy dick back in to feel that extra smooth stroking with cum lubing the way. Alex rolls onto his back and beats his dick hard and fast. His own juicy spurt erupts all over his tight tummy. They kiss as their student bonding reaches a hot, tight climax.

Date: August 15, 2018

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