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Our resident muscle man John Powers returns to experiment with some lacey man panties, and he gets right down to business with his shirt off and his big ol' balls hanging out! After a couple minutes of close-ups watching John lovingly stroke his meat and potatoes, he puts his package back in his lacey undies and keeps playing with himself until the delicate enclosure can no longer hold his manhood. Pulling it out, he teases the camera as his member grows, turning around so we can see the thong back going up his ass crack. Nakedness seems incomplete, so John tries out a cock-ring to enhance his experience. After pleasuring himself for a bit, he pulls out his masturbator and shoves his pierced cock into it slowly, moaning with pleasure, and repeating the action again and again. Finally ready to blow, John straddles a pink zebra print pillow and lets his thick white load fly all over it, a hot gooey mess for JS Wild to clean up! And of course, be sure to stick around to catch some sexy outtakes from the photo shoot!

Date: September 24, 2019

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