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Lean, smiley hipster Woody Johnson plops down onto the bed to watch something hot on his mobile phone while he jerks off. His spread legs let the camera get in close and zoom in on his tight nuts bobbing with every stroke of his hard cock. The only thing blacking that perfect view is when Woody takes out his trusty vibrator and slides it into his hairy hole.rnrnWoody has a great looking hairy chest and scruffy beard. His crack is furry and fine, and we can't stop watching as he rubs his fuzzy taint, grinds his butt into the buzzing vibrator. His free hand moves back and forth from his dick to plowing the vibe into his fuck-starved hole.rnrnFinally Woody finds a novel solution to holding the phone, jerking off and fucking himself with only two hands. He bends his leg so that the heel of his foot keeps the pressure on the trusty vibrator. Now his filthy brain, hard cock and starved hole all get the attention they deserve.rnrnHe grinds his ass down onto the vibrator and flexes his ass to feel the perfect buzz against his magic button prostate, and soon his cock is ready to shoot off. His jaw drops and he breathes in quick pants as his nuts fire up a creamy wad. His shaft and beating fist are drenched with a thick load of fresh-churned manjuice.

Date: May 28, 2019

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