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Something thrilling and forbidden always lurks around the carnival, and Carny’s your ticket to its freaky sensation. So c’mon in, buddy − get the ride you were hoping for. Remember how Fallen Angel IV: Sea Men took the TITAN leather series on a whole new tack? Carny boldly takes the edginess you crave to a new level − and with a new generation, as some Fallen Angel kinda guys tangle with some angels on the rise. But their floridly inked skin, piercings, shaved heads and Mohawks, and especially their dark hungers, insure these young men won’t be mistaken for twinks. New TITAN star Jake Corwin tops the bill after debuting in ManPlay 7 and 8, with uncut and leather-harnessed Rick Pantera, joined by the outrageous Kalaban (the dude’s got tattoos on his face!) as well as the young studs: smooth Tag Adams and hairy-chested Danny Vox − who mix it up with muscle dads, blond Hank Real and swarthy Rocco Vidal, with Miguel Leonn adding tasty Latin heat. This group rises to the challenge of classic TITAN star, bruiser Dred Scott, who exhibits yet another side of his carnivorous personality. Ben Damon has been on leave since Focal Length and made a warm-up return in ManPlay 8, and is joined by suddenly popular Gil Cortez, graduating from group wrangler in Manplay 7 to full star in Exhibition.

Date: June 26, 2018

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