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Uk Hot Jocks – SPORTZ – Sc2 – Jeffrey and Koby


Footie kit clad lads! Two extremely cute, boyish and edgy guys in a red and white kit respectively, they’ve had. A good and friendly game and now it’s time for some off-pitch action. Jeffry Lloyd pulls in younger, smaller Koby for a passionate boner inducing kiss, the ball drops and tents rise in loose silky shorts. The lads aren’t wearing underwear which is quite apparent! Pulling waistbands down one after the other, if you don’t know Jeffrey I’m not sure how to prepare you for this but holy fucking HELL that’s a massive cock! Without doubt one of the biggest we’ve ever seen here at UKHotJocks… and don’t for one second think ‘oh poor little Koby’, this hungry bottom boy is all over this, this is his fucking jam! It’s a matter of seconds before he’s got his mouth around Jeffreys monster meat. On his knees, shirts off, abs-a-poppin’ from both boys, Koby gets to work on stuffing as much of Jeffreys 10” dick down his throat, slobbering all over it, making himself gag and eyes stream with pure fucking joy. Is there anything hotter than a cute boy with a big toy, eyes pouring and staring up at you? Jeffrey wants to taste Koby’s equally skyward pointing cock, gobbling the lot down, letting him totally throat fuck him. Bent down, hole to the sky, Koby presents his tight but very capable arse for a good tongue inspection and a much needed pre-lubrication. Rising up, Jeffrey batters his club sized dick on those pert cheeks and very willing hole. Tip, head, next 3 inches, next 3 inches, next 3… woah. Koby had a look of sheer delight on his cheeky face and Jeffrey looks damn impressed! He spanks his arse in appreciation and starts giving the pounding of a lifetime! Koby is making all the right noises, taking it like a total champ! Pressing him into the floor, Jeffrey really pile drives into the boy. Anyone who knows this position knows that it’s a DEEP one! He’s giving everything he’s got and then some! Spooning around behind him wearing one socks, shin guards and trainers he gives him another full length. Koby yells at him to fuck him and fuck him harder! Jeffrey will show him who’s the fucking boss here! His cock is almost as wide as one of Koby’s butt cheeks, eye watering and amazing! In a finale show stopper Koby gets on top, reverse riding, grabbing the football net for support and moaning the place down… taking cock like no-one we’ve ever seen! Filthy last Koby wants a fateful and gets in position to take Jeffreys load right on his cheek, splat! Which instantly make him spill his load too. Absolutely incredible game!

Date: March 6, 2018

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