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Layin’ Pipe, Scene #01


Cory Jay makes his debut in this buttplay masterpiece. This hirsute hunk can easily claim the title ‘King of Kink’ for his jaw-droppingly kinky performances (skillful as both a top and bottom). He starts simply enough, working over Jeff’s muscular ass by stretching him out with an immodest black dildo. Cory effortlessly slides the beer-can-wide, 12-inch-long monster into Jeff’s ass to the hilt, only to pull it out and slam it back in, while Baron moans with pleasure. In no time, Jeff, sprawled on all fours, is ready for Cory’s gloved fist, alternating insertions between his fist and the dildo. Jay moves Jeff onto a sling, and slams him with another ass-breaking instrument. Flipping him over onto his back in the sling, Cory fists the lights out of his well-used hole.

Date: May 14, 2020
Actors: Cory Jay / Jeff Baron

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