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Bare Bound Bottom Ruito


Sexy chauffeur Ruito has impressed us as a strong, silent type and a sexy top. But even a tough guy needs to let go of being the boss sometimes. We get to see Ruito bound up in a stretchy red cord, hands arms and chest tied up and immobilized for his buddy Akira to have free rein and do with him whatever he wants. And it turns out that Akira’s always had a yen to top the lean, slender stud.

It starts innocently with a few deep kisses and Akira tweaking Ruito’s nips to his great delight. Then Ruito gladly opens wide to guzzle Akira’s stiff pole. Akira dives in to much Ruito’s tight, musky butt before the HOT main event. He raises the bottle of lube triumphantly and drizzles it onto Ruito’s twitching booty. Then he slicks his hard cock and eases it in bareback. He pumps and plows Ruito with a vengeance, and the tied-up stud is there for every deep-thrusting minute. He pulls out to spray Ruito’s smooth tight abs with a hot splatter, then beats his buddy off till he explodes in a squirt of creamy love juice. Akira reaches in to play with Ruito’s cum, drips juicy strings onto his bud’s still quivering hardon.

Date: September 24, 2021

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