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The bane of modern Japanese boys! Yusaku is mesmerized by staring at his mobile, playing an electronic game when handsome Keita knocks at the door and pleads for him to put down the game. There’s something more fun in store if he’ll just tear himself away. Yusaku still is obsessed with playing when Keita steps into the bedroom in a pair of flimsy briefs and starts nibbling at his neck and firm round buttcheeks. When Yusaku feels the swelling cock pressed into his ass crack he starts to respond. Keita peels down Yusaku’s shorts to lick and slurp at his perfect ass. Yusaku rolls over and his big thick cock is definitely engaged and responsive to Keita. Yusaku’s legs spread open as Keita rubs against his crotch. He kisses Keita’s firm rosy nips, works his way down to the heavy thick cock popping out below. They grind their bodies together in a tight hot 69. Keita kneels across Yusaku’s waist and groans when the edgy stud presses his dick up inside. He rides his booty down onto that stiff tool, then Yusaku takes over and plows in from above, Keita’s legs wrapped around him tight. Keita’s shallow breathing matches the beat of Yusaku’s deep thrusts. On all fours the two Asian studs bump ass to crotch in a quick hard doggy style. When Yusaku pulls out to give his buddy a kiss, Keita sprays a sticky wad into the downy hair just above his pubes. Locked in a deep kiss, Yusaku squirts a geyser of cum that coats his lean tight abs. Fucking IS better than games!

Date: April 30, 2021

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