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Japan Boyz – Sensual Swordplay Part Two


As the pair grind together, Hisoka gets on top and "works" his way down Shosei's nice cock. They continue to kiss and touch as they fuck. Shosei strokes the bottom's dick and the two drift off, together. While still in, Shosei rolls his partner into a missionary position; seems like as long as they are touching, all is good. I don't think I've filmed such a caring pair in a while; each thrust the top makes only enhances their bond. Watching for one another, Shosei bends down and cuddles Hisoka, still thrusting. From above, Hisoka is happy to take all of Shosei's cock and the two speed up until pulling out; they masturbate, still gazing. With a couple of gasps, Shosei's head reddens and the then explodes all over Hisoka's face and torso. The bottom tugs, but needs a bit more "mouth" to release. Happily, Shosei sucks and rubs on his partner; soaking Shosei's face, Hisoka too produces the juices of his hard work.

Date: March 3, 2014

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