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As one of the most popular and trusted models at Japanboyz, Yusaku now gets to "break in" the new boys starting out as models. Imagine his surprise and delight when Yukichi, a slim, shy boy making his debut, reveals he's from the very same small town as Yusaku. Add in the fact that he's let on that Yukichi is his type, and we might have a very hot scene in the making.rnrnBadboy Yusaku romantically nibbles at Yukichi's chest to start the ball rolling, lifts his head to give his hometown boy a deep tender kiss. When he slides down Yukichi's briefs and shimmies out of his own, both lean, muscular guys sport stiff cocks. He buries his face in the sweet manly musk of Yukichi's pubic hair and rolls his balls around with a deft tongue. He laps his tongue across the shaft then finally takes the full prick into his adoring mouth, starts sucking all the way down.rnrnSo far Yukichi had to do nothing but lie back and enjoy, but now he's eager to pay the same respect to Yusaku, stroking and licking the pierced and tattooed stud's long straight cock. His tongue runs little circles around the head, then flicks across the thick steel ring through Yusaku's Prince Albert. Yusaku is heated up and ready for more, slides Yukichi onto his back and dives in for a taste of the new boy's ass.rnrnAs he moves his attention from ass to cock, Yusaku knows Yukichi wants him to drill his cock in. He kneels with Yukichi's legs wrapped around his waist and presses into the hungry hole. Their smooth bodies crackle with electric contact and Yukichi pulls him tighter. Yusaku lets him take the big cock into his butt at his own pace. Once it's all the way inside, he starts pumping.rnrnSlippery lube runs down the smooth crack of Yukichi's ass as Yusaku begins thrusting in deeper. When Yukichi climbs on to ride, Yusaku drills straight up into the open and welcoming ass. They can't hold back much longer. Lying beside each other, both boys stroke furiously. Creamy cum drizzles out onto Yukichi's abs then he gives a kiss fo Yusaku to push him over the edge as well. The experienced fucker erupts with a big spray into the air, splashes sperm across the bed and his tight muscular body as the two studs cuddle and kiss.

Date: June 21, 2019

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