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Reaching Ryo’s Magic Button


One thing the Japanboyz models are really good at is playing up the romance. Even in this video which starts out on a bed with manly stud Reach giving young Ryo a deep passionate kiss, his arm is around Ryo, pulling him closer. Their eyes are dreamily closed, like they’re off in a world of sweet love. It ramps up into pure hot sex, but the connection is always there. And it’s mutual–Ryo is devouring Reach’s kiss like a starving man at a lush banquet.

Reach lets his hand drop down to Ryo’s bulging briefs, caressing the thick package straining to break free. They both just HAVE to peel off those pesky undies and connect every inch of their tight, toned bodies. They curl up into a warm 69, with Reach so turned on that his pelvis rocks forward in time with his buddy’s licks and sucking. He bends Ryo’s legs back and kisses his tight puckered booty, then slides in a slick lubed finger. Ryo straddles Reach’s tight waist and pulls his long hard cock inside. The tan muscleman wraps his arms around Ryo as he thrusts up and in. Ryo lets out sharp moans of sensation. Reach is sliding his raw cock across the young stud’s magic button, getting him quickly to the edge. He turns Ryo onto his stomach and drills in from on top. His heavy nuts rest against Ryo’s sensitive ass and he lets out a groan of satisfaction. Both ready to blast at any time, they lie next to each other, cuddling in each others’ arms as they beat their swollen cocks. Twiddling one nip as he strokes, Reach geysers out a shower of hot cum. Ryo squirts his creamy load in unison, and the two lock eyes in a romantic moment of connection.

Date: November 25, 2021

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