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Wet Hot Japanboyz Winter


We all loved the recent hookup between Japanboyz longtime superstar Fuji and hot new up-and-cummer Reach. But after the juicy climax we loved, these two were clearly not finished with each other’s horny parts. In the continuation of their scorching sex date, pale slim Fuji finds a comfy bath pillow in the hard muscles of tan tough Reach. Floating in the warm water, their worn-out gonads spring to new life as they turn to make out in the tub.

After a kiss and cuddle in the swirling bathwater, Reach perks up his big hard cock above the water’s surface, and Fuji dives down for a wet mouthful of stiff manhood. Reach does his part and swallows Fuji’s squeaky clean fucktool. Twiddling each others’ sensitive nips, they decide it’s time to get back into action on the bed. Reach fingers Fuji’s sweet tight hole and gets the Asian stud ready for a bareback screw. He parks behind his crouching bud and licks his hole till it’s twitching and hungry for cock. Plowing in from behind, he drills his dick balls deep. Fuji cranes his neck around and kisses his new fuckbuddy. When Fuji climbs on top and grinds his booty down onto the steel-hard butt-splitter, things are ready to blast off. Reach erupts in a giant sperm splatter across Fuji’s tight waist. Drenched in Reach’s sticky load, Fuji squirts out a wad too delicious for Reach not to scoop up and taste.

Date: December 22, 2021

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