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PF Chakra 5


In his latest challenge as yoga master and chakra tuner, Levy Foxx is paired up with a muscular mountain of exxxciting male flesh in the handsome ebony persona of Devin Trez. Devin is a lot taller and at least 50 pounds more substantial than Levy, with a massive cock to match all the bigness on display. He leads Devin though a series of private asanas, then points out the powerful green heart chakra as the target of this session. He stretches up on tiptoes, plants his lips on Devins’ to get the connection started. When he fondles Devin’s tool through his black yoga pants, he just has to drop the mighty Devin’s trousers and get his mouth around the hefty uncut filet of manhood inside. Devin’s heavy nuts are a major sackful as well, covered in soft curly fuzz. Levy strokes Devin’s piece and licks his huevos as Devin offers a helping hand to assist his oral attentions. Devin slides a finger around Levy’s puckered butthole and follows with a thick juicy tongue. Levy moans with deep satisfaction and sexual hunger. nnReady to get fucked?” Devin inquires as he places his humongous raw meat at the lubed-up asshole and slides in steadily. At first only the first few inches fit easily

Date: March 2, 2021

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