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Swingin Balls – Balls In Deep


Javier decided to go meet up with his boyfriend and Corey Gunz was all for it too. It's not a very long make out secession before the clothes come off and Javier has Corey's big cock and balls in his sweet mouth getting him ready to fuck! As most horny men Corey loves getting head from his boy, especially when he sucks and fondles his low hangin balls! After smearing his balls all over Javier's face and in his mouth for sum tea baggin fun Corey slips on a condom and gets his boy into fucking position. Corey knows that we want to see his balls move in every possible position so several position to fuck his boy will happen.rnrnAs a good twink boy will do Javier just takes it any way his man wants to fuck! Well after fucking Javier for a bit he's ready to bust a nut and does all over Javier's sexy body! Now it's time for his boy to cum and Corey knows just how much Javier loves his big cock and balls in his face. Fuck time got away from Corey and he's got to leave for work and leaves Javier horny and wanting to cum.rnrnSo now it's alone time, but after just getting fucked he's ready to bust in no time and does all over a pillow so we all can see! Now he's ready for the day to begin as well.

Date: February 25, 2020

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