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Swingin Balls – Corey Gunz Splatters On the Glass


Sexy redneck Corey Gunz relaxes in a hot jacuzzi, then proudly stands to show how low his sack hangs after the warm soak. He bounces and swings his dick and balls in regular and slow motion. Some jumping jacks give him another chance to shake his goodies for the camera. He stands above the camera and gives his nuts a tender squeeze, then sits down to lube up and jack his dick.nnCorey's cock is a two-hander, so he starts stroking with one hand sliding up from the nuts then takes over with the second close behind. As he picks up speed we see his climax rising up. He's ready to shoot. Standing next to a glass topped patio table, Corey milks out a thick splatter that dots the smooth shiny glass, then rubs his nuts and dickhead through the tasty mess. He shows off how hard he still is by slapping his prick on the table. A few more loud thumps and he smiles and saunters away, wagging his nuts mischievously.

Date: November 13, 2018

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