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Japan Boyz – Filled With Pleasure


On vacation, Shosei and Kairi take this time to relish one another. Lying on his back, Kairi is softly kissed; Shosei goes down on his partner's erect cock, lapping eagerly. Grinding his hardened penis against Kairi's, Shosei will be topping today for When Kairi opens his mouth and takes in his lover's manhood, sensual sounds of pleasure abound.nnContinuing to trade off, we get a very sexy shot of Kairi's hole, before and during Shosei's fingering. Sliding in his amour, the top moves gently and passionately; the bottom grabs Shosei's thighs and pulls him in, fully. After a few positions, they unlatch and masturbate. Shosei cums first, spraying Kairi from tummy to face; Kairi responds by covering his groin in cream.

Date: April 1, 2016

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