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Chakra Cum 4: The Root


Yoga master Levy Foxx has an uncanny ability to tune and open up his students’ blocked chakras. This miraculously works by getting the student to shoot off a wad of precious male reproductive fluid and hitting the desired chakra on Levy’s body. Levy’s student today is muscular uncut Latino stud Cesar Xes, who has plenty of hot and sticky cum to work with.nnCesar’s need for energy tuning is the root, the red chakra. Levy takes the problem in hand by grabbing Cesar’s big hard uncut root through his yoga pants. Once he’s given it a lick and nuzzle, he peels down Cesar’s pants to get that powerful skin-to-skin contact with the root. He slurps down Cesar’s dick and tries his best not to gag on its massive dimension. Once he’s satisfied Cesar is stiff and wet, he squats over Cesar’s face to get his own ass spit-slick and ready to fit perfectly around Cesar’s tool. Cesar does his part admirably, tonguing deep into Levy’s holy hole. His cock snaps right up into fuck position as they 69 to seal their procedure. nnThat hard slick root slides naturally, raw and bareback into Levy’s butthole, like it was created for just this purpose. Levy bounces his butt back into every thrust, grinding it around to feel the maximum energy transfer. Big cummer Cesar geysers out an early spermload , breeds it back into Levy as he fucks even harder. Pinning back the yoga master’s tight muscular thighs, Cesar pumps in like a maniac. Cesar’s second cum load squirts deep inside and dribbles out Levy’s wide-open asshole. Their male energy in perfect tune, Levy matches Cesar’s cum with a hot sticky spray of his own. Cock to ass encounter achieved, Cesar’s red chakra is open and optimal as they kiss.

Date: February 21, 2021

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