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Rod Evans joins fellow gay-for-pay student Derrick Dickem in the hot tub, where their thick bushy-pubed cocks loosen up and grow in the warm water. Underwater we watch them prance around and wag their weenies. Dickham wants to see how the two models react and how far they are willing to go with another straight, gay-curious guy. Encouraging them to make it into a bit of fun erotic horseplay, Dickham lets them "feel their way around" in a more loaded gay environment than they're used to.nnThey follow each other to the bedroom. Rod steps out while Derrick works his dick and tunes in to something hot on his mobile phone. Rod enters, squirts on a dollop of lube to get his cock in gear. Rod is stiff in no time flat and Derrick is taking a while to settle in. He's the first to reach over and gently stroke Derrick till his cock begins responding. Rod slowly brushes a hand across Derrick's heavy ballsack, getting close enough to suck–but not today. He takes his place lying next to him as the two beat off side by side. nnEver-ready Rod slowly works his rockhard woody and Derrick is still working on getting his to 100%. Derrick is ready enough now to grab ahold of Rod's slicked-up meat and give it a go. Rod lends a helping hand and reaches across as well. The mischievous smile on Rod's face betrays that he's not uncomfortable letting a guy beat his cock for him.nnDerrick's residual tension sticks around but he is able to get his cock up and beat it to a fast spurt of cum. The big juicy splash coats his belly and bush. He turns attention to Rod, who speeds up to give his erect pole the full focus it deserves. Squeezing his nuts as he gets close, his hips flex while he milks out a hot puddle of sperm. The big load leaves his cock still throbbing and tingling. Two new buddies bump fists for a successful end to their first session together.

Date: November 21, 2018

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